The Westropp Band

Somerset's premier covers band

The Westropp band - members.


Andy - Andy's 24 hour access to his own walk-in wardrobe lends the band an air of frequently needed sartorial elegance. An undisputed devotee of coordinated apparel, Andy likes to rehearse the intro to Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" whilst choosing matching sock and tie combinations surrounded by full length mirrors.

Budge - Uniquely blessed with an ability to hold a bass guitar the right way round unhindered by any level of intoxication, Andy frequently emerges from rural Somerset to stand apparently disinterested and statuesque on stage, immune to any surrounding chaos. Andy is frequently disturbed by apocryphal accounts of a gig in Ireland of which he has no recollection whatsoever.

Richard - Veteran Musicologist and guitar botherer Richard is the hub of the band which bears his name. Always prepared to hover menacingly near a microphone, Richard's unique approach to musical theory is what gives the band its characteristic sound. Claims that Richard is a descendent of Regency Dandy Beau Brummell are, as yet, unfounded.

Vic - Italian grape admirer Vic has previously performed at the Royal Albert Hall. Her career trajectory now sees her frequently shaking guitar picks out of her keyboard. Vic currently suffers from a recurring nightmare set in Late December, back in '63, involving a half empty bottle of champagne and her hands being replaced by the flippers of a fur seal.

Dave - Hill-walking Mountain Man and survivalist Dave is rumoured to have undergone something of an umbilical wrench when his local steak vending emporium closed for two weeks last summer for "refurbishment". Following the required therapy, Dave can now walk past a meat and game merchant unaided. Dave's ability to hold down a rhythm regardless of surrounding air temperature is a site to behold, albeit from a safe distance.

Mike - Accountancy enthusiast Mike lives on a diet of curry and espresso and is allowed out into the community only when armed with a guitar shaped pacifier. Often heard in rehearsals plaintively calling "Richard? Richard?" in what is assumed to be a vain search for the lost chord. Mike's United Nations level diplomacy skills led to him being voted "Band President for Life" on a one issue manifesto suggesting terrible things about Mrs. Robinson. 



Cat - Undergraduate Biologist of the Year 2014, Cat hasn't let her inability to play the right kind of Saxophone (Alto, not Tenor) hold her back. Frequently seen abandoning the stage and returning in the nick of time to deliver a solo, Cat has been raised by the band since her mid teens and at the moment shows no signs of long term physical or psychological ill-effects.